Welcome to all Division 4 students and parents!!! This classroom web site has been designed especially for you. It will hopefully prove to be a valuable tool this year. In the past, parents have found the "Progress" page most valuable. This is where you will find out if your son/daughter is missing any assignments. For students, the easiest thing to do is navigate around the various links and find out what is available on the site.

Core Subject Areas (TERM 3)

Language Arts - Students should be thinking about and have a speech topic for after Spring Break.

Mathematics - Students will be learning about Patterns (Input Output Machines) after Spring Break

Social Studies - Students will be exploring the country of Mexico.

Science - Students will be learning about Biodiversity and the impact we have on the environment.

Parliament of Canada













Smile of the Week

Jeff is working very hard in school and at home. He is helpful in class and towards his colleagues! Keep up the Effort Jeff!